Finished projects

2019 May - June: Modeled ungaged stream and estimated the streamflow for five locations in Wailua, Kauai, by the Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to help CWRM‘s project of the instream flow standard.

2016 - 2018: Understand tropical watershed (PI: Dr. Yinphan Tsang).

2018 Fall: White paper to The State of Hawaiʽi Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Taskforce: Agroforestry and Greenhouse Gas Sequestration in Hawaiʽi: Analyzing policies to promote agroforestry as a greenhouse gas sequestration strategy in Hawaiʽi (by Friswold, Brooke; Hastings, Zoe; Hendrickson, Cole; Huang, Yu-Fen). Presented to the State of Hawaiʽi Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Taskforce on 12/7/2018 and to DLNR on 12/19/2018.

2017 Spring: Understanding Manoa Watershed

2016 Summer: Comparison of Flood Inundation Mapping Techniques between Different Modeling Approaches and Satellite Imagery

2013 - 2015: Summer Leeside Rainfall Maxima over the Island of Hawaii (PI: Dr. Yi-Leng Chen)

2011 - 2013: The re-built typhoon, Fanapi (PI: Dr. Ming-Jen Yang)

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