Yu-Fen Huang

Hydrologist | Data Scientist | Body Surfer | Foodie | Hula Lover | Ph.D. student in TsangStreamLab | Natural Resources and Environmental Management | University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

About Yu-Fen Huang


My current research focuses (link: Why do I study flash flood in Hawaii?):

  1. How peak streamflow (i.e. flash flood in Hawaii) changes under changing climate in Hawaii (Please see “If precipitation extremes are increasing, why aren’t floods”); how it is related to rainfall; and how it impacts on the water quality, stream and coastal ecosystem?
  2. What is the appropriate meteorological forcing for modeling peak streamflow? How can we combine all the meteorological data sources to achieve better simulation results?
  3. What kind of hydrological models is the best for peak streamflow simulation in Hawaii, and how can we provide insight from the model results to planner and managers?




Graduate Assistant in Tsang Hydrology Lab., Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI, USA: 2016–present

Advisor: Dr. Tsang, Yin-Phan

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