About Yu-Fen Huang

Ph.D. student | Toward hydrologist, data scientist, hula dancer | Belong to Tsang Hydrology Lab | Natural Resources and Environmental Management | University of Hawaii at Manoa

Contact: yfhuang at hawaii.edu
Github : yfhuang7
Twitter: @HIHydroYuFen
yufen’s CV


My current research focuses (link: Why do I study flash flood in Hawaii?):

  1. How peak streamflow (i.e. flash flood in Hawaii) changes under changing climate in Hawaii (Please see “If precipitation extremes are increasing, why aren’t floods”); how it is related to rainfall; and how it impacts on the water quality, stream and coastal ecosystem?
  2. What is the appropriate meteorological forcing for modeling peak streamflow? How can we combine all the meteorological data sources to achieve better simulation results?
  3. What kind of hydrological models is the best for peak streamflow simulation in Hawaii, and how can we provide insight from the model results to planner and managers?


  • Data analysis with programing language (R, fortran, bash, matlab, python)
  • Meteorological (MM5, WRF) and hydrological (iRIC, SWAT) modeling
  • Streamflow field measurement and setting up real-time sensors
  • Remote sensing (ENVI, google earth engine)
  • Education (instructor, swimming coach)


  • Temporal Shifts in the Magnitude of Peak Streamflow and its Associated Rainfall across the Hawaiian Islands (Self interest, cooperate with Dr. Yinphan Tsang, Dr. Ayron Strauch, and Dr. Hannah Clivird)
  • Apply SWAT modeling to help Commission Water Resources Management evaluate the hydropower plan in Kauai
  • Characterizing natural flow regime of Hawaiian forest watersheds and its implication on downstream water availability (PI: Dr. Yinphan Tsang)
  • Understand the hydrology of a rainforest watershed in Hawaii (PI: Dr. Yinphan Tsang)
  • SMART Ala Wai project (PI: Dr. Brian T. Glazer, Co-PI: Dr. Yinphan Tsang)


Graduate Assistant in Tsang Hydrology Lab., Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI, USA: 2016–present

Advisor: Dr. Tsang, Yin-Phan

  • Field experiences: Install and maintain stream gages (staff plates, pressure transducers); measure streamflow and build rating curves.
  • Data visualization: Visualize the data above, and maintain a near real-time webpage for public by using Github static website: TsangStreamLab
  • Simulation: Hydrological Modeling for watersheds in Hawaii by using SWAT and WRF-Hydro.
  • Data analysis: Long-term trend analysis for the peakflow/flood and its association with rainfall.
  • Writing: Assist writing grant proposals and project reports.
  • Workshop set-up: Assisted the 2017 Stream Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
  • Administrative: Maintain lab website and design lab logo/stickers


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